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What we do?


Lamassu is a professional advertising company that offers the best solutions using the latest technologies in the fields of design, software development and video animation


- logo
- business card
- catalog
- promotional items
- etc

Software Development

- Mobile Applications
- Web Applications
- Web Hosting
- Domain Registration

Video Animations

- 2D Videos
- 3D Video
- Video Production

Our Works

Who we are?

We are a group of young Iraqis seeking to provide the highest quality design and Software Development services that are rarely found in Iraq

Our Skills

  • Design
  • Printing
  • Video Animations
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Application


  • 20+ Mobile Applications
  • 20+ Websites
  • 20+ Domains
  • 50+ Brands
  • 100+ Catalogs
  • 100+ Business Cards

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Baghdad - Al-Mansour - Alrowad Street - Almas Tower - 4 Floor

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