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Lamassu was founded in 2016 by a group of ambitious young engineers who came together with a shared vision to create a workspace that fosters innovation and excellence. Lamassu specializes in mobile application development, website creation, logo and visual identity design, social media management, and digital marketing. The company aims to assist entrepreneurs in enhancing and growing their ventures sustainably and effectively. Its comprehensive services include crafting compelling visual identities, managing social media platforms, and executing targeted digital marketing strategies tailored to clients' specific needs. Additionally, Lamassu offers customized accounting systems for private schools and nurseries, as well as accounting systems for beauty centers and medical clinics, aiding these institutions in streamlining their operations efficiently.

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Mobile App Development
We specialize in crafting tailored mobile applications that align with your unique needs and vision. Our dedicated team works closely with you to translate your ideas into innovative solutions, ensuring not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations. With our custom mobile app development, your vision transforms into reality through seamless communication and collaboration
Digital Customer Experience Check
We ensure an exceptional digital customer experience. Our specialized team meticulously examines mobile applications, focusing on every aspect that impacts user experience. Following this, we offer innovative and tailored solutions to enhance app user experience. At AL-THAWAR AL-MAJNAH, we go beyond excellence in digital customer experience, we realize your vision for excellence and success
Web Development
Designing and developing websites tailored to the client's needs involves understanding the client's requirements and objectives, carefully analyzing them to determine the required structure and features. Visually appealing designs that reflect the client's identity are created, followed by programming and development of the website using the latest technologies and tools. Subsequently, the website is comprehensively tested to ensure smooth performance and compatibility across various devices. Finally, the completed website is delivered to the client with the necessary technical support to ensure their full satisfaction and achievement of their digital goals.
Compound Management System
A residential complex management app simplifies the administration of residential communities for both property managers and residents. It includes features like facility management, tenant management, maintenance requests, financial management, and communication tools. Understanding customer needs ensures the app meets specific requirements and enhances user experience.
Native Accounting System
The Lamasu company's accounting system is designed to provide a simple and effective solution for managing financial and accounting matters within institutions. The system is tailored to meet the needs of its clients and includes an easy-to-use interface that presents business details in a simplified and understandable manner for company managers. In addition to educational sectors such as schools, kindergartens, and private institutes, the Lamasu accounting system also focuses on meeting the needs of beauty centers and medical clinics. The system can track expenses and revenues in these institutions and generate accurate reports that facilitate understanding of profits and losses. By being customizable according to customer requests, the system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each institution efficiently and effectively. For more information on how to obtain and customize this system to your institution's needs, you can contact Lamasu company for personalized consultation and details on the services they offer.
Digital Presence and Branding
AL-THAWAR AL-MAJNAH plays a significant role in designing visual identities for companies. It works to understand the brand and its vision, offering innovative solutions that reflect its personality and enhance its differentiation in the market. Lamasu provides services such as logo design, color and font selection, and development of other visual elements that contribute to building the company's visual identity. The aim is to deliver creative and appealing solutions that meet the clients' needs while effectively reflecting their values and message.
School Voice
The school Voice is a powerful tool designed to enhance communication between the school and parents. It offers a comprehensive set of features: Efficient Communication: Sending assignments, exams, grades, and student notifications. Convenient Payment: Easy fee payments with reminders for due installments. Attendance Tracking: Direct tracking of student attendance and absences. Privacy Protection: Complete privacy with GPS tracking for each student. Latest School News: Easily view the latest news and general announcements. Student Evaluation: The app can display a comprehensive evaluation of the student, including academic and behavioral assessments, helping parents understand their children's progress and improvements.
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